skills clinics

learn new skills

Our highly trained staff will ensure you learn new skills in a safe and productive manner. 

showcase skills

Practice performing under pressure through our mock tryouts and receive feedback from our staff.

network with college athletes

Meet with current and former collegiate cheerleaders to understand the recruiting process and what to expect at the collegiate level

connect with college coaches

Network with current collegiate coaches to get the inside scoop on their program

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We focus on improving your progression as an athlete and introducing collegiate skills. Potential tops will have the opportunity to coed stunt. Bases and backs will have the opportunity to work with skilled tops with collegiate experience. 

Any opportunity to improve yourself will help you in the long run! Don’t wait till the last moment to learn collegiate skills they take time to master and colleges look for confident athletes with prior experience. In short attend any and all clinics that are available. 

There are several types of cheer related teams and programs in college. Strong bases with collegiate skill experience are often needed for Acro and Tumbling teams, STUNT teams , All-Girl, Small Coed and Large Coed teams, middle level bases for collegiate pyramids.